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The Traveler Super Deluxe Box Set Download Version

by Dave Kerzner

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edszr This is an EPIC collection of all things The Traveler. Wow, I really do love this album and all the different versions plus extra goodies make this download an absolute must have, especially if you can't swing the cost for the physical box set. Thanks Dave for making this download available! Favorite track: For Granted.
For Granted 06:03
Better Life 05:08


After many requests, the download-only version of Dave Kerzner "The Traveler" Super Deluxe Edition box set is here! 80 tracks from the 6 CDs that are included in the big box set are all now downloadable in 16 bit 44.1k CD audio quality.

Here's how it breaks down in terms of the downloadable CDs:
1. The Traveler main album (disc 1) [1-9]
2. The Traveler SE Disc 2 with "The Dream Realm" pt1-15 plus one bonus track [10-25]
3. The Traveler Singles EP (single and radio edits of select songs) [26-36]
4. The Traveler Listen Party (aka LP Version). This is an alternate version of the album that fits on a single CD. It has a different song order (with a few different lyrics and mix differences). [37-52]
5. The Traveler Bonus Disc 3 "Instrumental Mixes" [53-66]
6. The Traveler Bonus Disc 4 "Outtakes & Alt Versions" [67-80]


released February 3, 2023

Dave Kerzner - The Traveler

1. Another Lifetime
2. Ghostwritten Fables
3. A Time In Your Mind
4. For Granted
5. Here and Now Pt1
6. Better Life
7. Cannot Get It Back 
8. Feels Like Home
9. Here and Now Pt2 

All songs written by Dave Kerzner
Cannot Get It Back music written by Dave Kerzner, Randy McStine and Fernando Perdomo, Lyrics by Dave Kerzner
Here and Now pt 1 & 2 music written by Dave Kerzner, Randy McStine and Fernando Perdomo, Lyrics by Dave Kerzner Ghostwritten Fables by Dave Kerzner and Gene Siegel, Lyrics by Dave Kerzner

Cover artwork by Rafal Olbinski
Graphic Design by Dave Kerzner

Dave Kerzner - Lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars and drum programming
Fernando Perdomo - Guitar on all tracks, bass on tracks 1, 4, 6 
Francis Dunnery - Guitar on track 6 
Randy McStine - Guitar on tracks 5, 7 and 9
Nick D'Virgilio - Drums on tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9
Marco Minnemann - Drums on tracks 1 and 2 
Alex Cromarty - Drums on track 8
Stuart Fletcher - Bass on track 8
Matt Dorsey - Bass on tracks 2, 5, 7 and 9
Billy Sherwood - Bass on tracks 5, 7 and 9
Jon Davison - Vocals on track 8
Durga McBroom - Backing vocals on tracks 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 
Alex "Yatte" Chod - Backing vocals on tracks 1, 3
Joe Deninzon - Violins and Violas on tracks 1, 2, 5 and 9
Ruti Celli - Cello on tracks 1, 2, 5 and 9

Cameo spoken word appearances by Emily Lynn, Heather Findlay, Lara Smiles and David Longdon (Here and Now pt1) as well as a guitar cameo from Steve Hackett (For Granted). 

Mixed and Mastered by Dave Kerzner

Additional Production Assistance by Simeon Spiegel

Produced by Dave Kerzner

The Traveler Special Edition Disc 2

The Dream Realm
Track 1: The Dream Realm pt1 - Wake Up (0:33)
Track 2: The Dream Realm pt2 - All Systems Go (1:56)
Track 3: The Dream Realm pt3 - What's A Dream? (3:46)
Track 4: The Dream Realm pt4 - Through the Ether (2:18)
Track 5: The Dream Realm pt5 - Nostalgia Trip (5:19)
Track 6: The Dream Realm pt6 - Ghostwritten 2 (1:15)
Track 7: The Dream Realm pt7 - An Odd Life (6:09)
Track 8: The Dream Realm pt8 - This Time (2:49)
Track 9: The Dream Realm pt9 - Cannot Get It Back 2 (7:20)
Track 10: The Dream Realm pt10 For Granted Reprise (3:02)
Track 11: The Dream Realm pt11 Ocean's End (1:12)
Track 12: The Dream Realm pt12 Here and Now 3 (3:57)
Track 13: The Dream Realm pt13 Where Are They Now? (3:56)
Track 14: The Dream Realm pt14 Life Will Find A Way (5:01)
Track 15: The Dream Realm pt15 In Forward Motion (1:40)

Bonus Tracks
Track 16: Better Life (Alt Version) (5:19)

Credits for Disc 2: 

Dave Kerzner - Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar plus drums on “An Odd Life”
Fernando Perdomo - Guitar, Bass plus drums on “This Time”

Nick D’Virgilio - Drums except “Where Are They Now”, “An Odd Life” and “Life Will Find A Way”

Matt Dorsey - Bass on “Where Are They Now”, “Here and Now 3”, “Cannot Get It Back”
Randy McStine - Guitar on “What’s A Dream”, “This Time” and “Cannot Get It Back”
Durga McBroom - Vocals on “What’s A Dream”, “Cannot Get It Back”, “Life Will Find A Way”

Marco Minnemann - Drums on “Where Are They Now” and “In Forward Motion”

Jon Davison - Vocals on “Life Will Find A Way” 

Billy Sherwood - Bass on “Cannot Get It back” and “Here and Now Part 3”

Alex Cromarty - Drums on “Life Will Find A Way” 

Stuart Fletcher - Bass on “Life Will Find A Way” 

Joe Deninzon - Violin on “Ghostwritten 2”, “Here and Now 3”, “Where Are They Now”, “In Forward Motion”

Colin Edwin - Ebow bass on “What’s a Dream” 

Ruti Celli - Cello on “Through The Ether” 

Vocal FX on “Ocean’s End” – Durga McBroom, Lorelei McBroom and Christine Leakey
Spoken Word by David Longdon, Heather Findlay, Emily Lynn, Lara Smiles, David Fowler

All songs written by Dave Kerzner except: “Where Are They Now” (Kerzner, Siegel), “This Time”, “Cannot Get It Back”,“Here and Now 3” (Kerzner, McStine, Perdomo), “Through The Ether” (Kerzner, Celli) 

Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Dave Kerzner

The Traveler Singles EP:

01 Another Lifetime (Single Version)
02 Ghostwritten Fables (Single Version)
03 A Time In Your Mind (Single Version)
04 Better Life (Single Version)
05 Feels Like Home (feat. Jon Davison) -Single Version
06 Bonus Track- Here and Now (Single Version)
07 Another Lifetime (Radio Edit)
08 Ghostwritten Fables (Radio Edit)
09 A Time In Your Mind (Radio Edit)
10 Better Life (Radio Edit)
11 Feels Like Home (Radio Edit)

The Traveler Listen Party Version


01 Where Are They Now
02 Ghostwritten Fables
03 Another Lifetime
04 A Time In Your Mind
05 Better Life
06 Wake Up
07 Here and Now Pt 1
08 An Odd Life
09 An Odd Life Tag
10 This Time
11 Cannnot Get It Back 2
12 For Granted
13 Life Will Find A Way
14 Here and Now Pt 2
15 Life Will Find A Way Reprise
16 Forward Motion

The Traveler Bonus Disc 3 (Instrumental Mixes):

01 Another Lifetime Instrumental Mix
02 Ghostwritten Fables Instrumental Mix
03 A Time In Your Mind Instrumental Mix
04 For Granted Instrumental Mix
05 Here and Now Part One Instrumental Mix
06 Better Life Instrumental Mix
07 Cannot Get It Back 1 Instrumental Mix
08 Feels Like Home Instrumental Mix
09 Here and Now Part Two Instrumental Mix
10 Ghostwritten 2 Instrumental
11 An Odd Life Instrumental Mix
12 This Time Cannot Get It Back Instrumental
13 Where Are They Now Instrumental
14 Life Will Find A Way Instrumental

The Traveler Bonus Disc 4 (Outtakes and Alt Versions)


01 Another Lifetime (Semi Acoustic)
02 Ghostwritten Fables (Semi Unplugged)
03 Not Coming Down (2022 DK Version)
04 Only Breathing Out (Alt DK Version)
05 Realm of In-Organic Beings (2022 DK Version)
06 Closer To You (2022 DK Version)
07 Nostalgia Trip Extended
08 Ghostwritten Fables String Segue
09 Ghostwritten Fables Instr Alt Take 3
10 Right Back To The Start Alt Instrumental
11 Quiet Storm 2
12 Oceans End Extended
13 For Granted Reprise (Instrumental Mix)
14 Forward Motion (Extended Instrumental)

All song credits match the counterpart versions on the main 2 discs except:

Not Coming Down (2022 DK Version)
Music and Lyrics by Dave Kerzner, Gene Siegel and Simon Collins

Dave Kerzner – Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Fernando Perdomo – Electric Guitar and Bass
Cameron Stone – Cello
Gene Siegel – Additional Vocals
Nick D’Virgilio – Drums

Recorded at SR Studios in Miami by Dave Kerzner and Blue Forrest Studios in LA by Simeon Spiegel

Only Breathing Out (Alt DK Version)
Music and Lyrics by Dave Kerzner and Simon Collins

Dave Kerzner – Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Fernando Perdomo – Electric Guitar
Matt Dorsey – Bass
Derek Cintron – Drums

Realm of In-Organic Beings (2022 DK Version)
Music by Dave Kerzner and Simon Collins

Dave Kerzner – Keyboards
Durga McBroom – Vocals
Matt Dorsey – Guitar and Bass

Closer To You (2022 DK Version)
Music and Lyrics by Dave Kerzner, Simon Collins and Matt Dorsey

Dave Kerzner – Vocals, Keyboards, Glockenspeil
Fernando Perdomo – Guitar
Matt Dorsey – Bass
Derek Cintron – Drums

“I’ve included a handful of alternate versions of songs from Sound of Contact’s Dimensionaut because they were written and/or recorded around the same time as songs from The Traveler such as “Another Lifetime”, “Ghostwritten Fables”, “For Granted” and others. Since some of the songs on The Traveler were originally intended to be on an SOC album, I thought it would be nice to include some newly recorded SOC songs as bonus tracks.” – Squids

©2022 RecPlay Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Special thanks to Hal Feldman, Erik Nielsen, Joel Barrios, Jerry Ewing and Prog Magazine, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Geoff Callingham, Stephen “Pud” Jones and Genesis, Nick Davis, Hugh Padgham, Simeon Spiegel, IK Multimedia, Gary Kerzner, Daniel and Leah Kerzner, Sherri Nahan, Angie Garcia, Alejandro Araujo, Jack Beerman, Mike Jobborn, Tom Lord-Alge, Steve Hackett, Arc of Life, Terra and Allen at RecPlay, Larry Morand and Cruise To The Edge, RosFest and all of the backers on Bandcamp who supported the making of this album.

Elaine Jubb, Bernd Leipert, Timothy Clough, Eric Attal, Richard Hallworth, Mikael Oljemark, Alan Pierce, Yoonho Oh, Pascal Gross, Andy Hooper, Shuji Madama, Andrew Despirito, Richard Krueger, Kevin Amburgy, Ian Wilson, Mark Mittentag,Viktor Suter, Lisa Wetton, David Tracey, John Myhill, Danny Howard, Joanne Giguire, Daniel Münch, Raymond Riethmeier, Barry Miller, Erik Giethoorn, Scott Blondin, Paul Rijkens, John Baldyga, Volker Warncke, Brian Curtis, Doug Curran, Gregory Chance, Volkmar Mueller, Chris Kohler, Marshall Brownstein, Cosmin Sirbu, Gary Arnold, Gary Bittick, Brian Novak, Martin Booth, Stefan Sandmeier, Andrew Ives, Steve Moore, Mark Dreyer, André Fostier, Richard Hermans, Paul Elliott, Darcy Dixon, Larry J Barton, Vamos Franz, Edward Rush, John Kuehne, Herman Beunk, Andrew Griffin,, Kenneth Dowling, Donald Rogers, Lance Allen, Daniel Smedile, Patrick Jackson, Paul Zotter, Jed Levin, Lorenzo Zencher, Andrew Mellor, Jonathan Nein, John Martino, Peter Selter, J-Alexandre Barata, Christopher Piecha, Michael Buckley, Mathieu Thibault, Alejandro Araujo, Richard Schilder, Kerry Gordon, Alessandro Berni, William Hsiung, Richard Combs, William Hogston, Murray Weismer, Phillip Merkel, Julia Hutslar, Petit Jean-François, Gregory Mazure, Danny Vasut, Krasnozhon Krasnozhon, Robert Ciccone, Gregory Chludzinski, Robert Wolf, Stephen Foy, Jeffrey Bond, Donald Erwin, William Accola, Lisa Robertson, William Mutschler, Mark Nicholson, Denis Pepin, Kenneth Gregory, Steve Swayne, Simon Phibbs, John L Yeostros, Arnold De Larisch, David P Giezen, James Huber, Jacques Pacquet, Michael Ostrich, Steven Wilson, Alastair Hey, Frode Egeli, Michael DeMichele, Mark Spritzler, Daniel Bobrowski, Christos Konstantelos, Brent Jones, Kirk Hagadon, Steven Moses, Paul Doerwang, Annamarie Moore, Joseph Alvarez, James Brown, Ronald Amesbury, Joseph Pica, Marcus Frutchey, John Blangero, David Lewis, Craig Estenes, Robert Kiddle, Sarah Louise Patrick, Patrick Alexander, Russell Bellinger, Mark Bates, Colin King, Jon Haverman, Venceslas Alberge, Paul Forrester, David McCoy, Richard Combs, Julie Stewart, Robert Packard, Brian Cyrier, J.D. Queener, Andrea Lupino, Victor Bergaz, Rick Rosinski, David Goodge, Patine Inc. and Rafal Olbinski.


all rights reserved



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Dave Kerzner, of the band "Sound of Contact", has a variety of Progressive Rock projects including his work as a solo artist. Dave's “Sonic Elements” project uses sounds from his company Sonic Reality and features iconic guests like Steve Hackett (Genesis), Keith Emerson (ELP), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Francis Dunnery (It Bites), with SR drums from Neil Peart, Nick Mason... ... more

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