Acceleration Theory Pt I & II (2 Album Hi​-​Res 24 bit 96k)

by In Continuum

I Remember 05:46
Scavengers 03:58
Man Unkind 05:50
Banished 03:03
The Path 04:02
AlienA Pt 2 02:22
The War Room 01:50
Annihilation 20:48
Annihilation Lyrics and music by Dave Kerzner Pt1: Witness (Instrumental) Pt2: The Battle Rages On This is the end for all engaged in war The arrogant the innocent The foolish and the ignorant The positive the negative The violent and the primative The lunatics and heretics 

 Maniacal contaminants The puppets and their puppeteers Will wash away a thousand years Watch Off we go Wait No one knows Fear Only grows Hate Sadly flows Cold In the eyes Blind 
 To the skies 
Believing all the lies Watch
Wise The genocide the animus The honorless and scandalous The ego and our vanity 
 The edge of our insanity The contradicting policies Apocalyptic prophecies
 We’re marching to our death to kill
 The battle rages on until… Pt3: Invasion Shut your windows and lock your doors We’ve come to clean up and we’ll have no more of your destructive ways to prove you’re right backward thinking and your need to fight you’ve lost all logic and you’ve blocked the light we gave you tools and now we’ll take them back you’ve had your time and you have lost your track We’ve waited eons just to watch you fail We brought the hammer for the coffin’s nail experimental biologic goal drowning promise at the watering hole I’ll be the light I’ll be the light I’ll be the light I’ll be the light and rise I’ll be the light I’m here to let you know you’ve got it wrong Look and wonder how Everyone who’s free should be allowed to share the light and the brave will conquer their fear we’ll live to see the moons and setting sun Some corrupted souls have gone astray Others will embrace a brand new day The scavengers, vampires of the soul are fading away All of you can try to take me down or finally hear me now it’s taken us so long to get this far it’s time to see the whole of what we are we know we’re not alone beneath the stars but this world is ours we come to you with humble open arms Silence! The council will decide! The fate of man and other worlds collide Cease-fire a treaty shall be made And new plans will be laid Won’t you come with us and show your light Pt4: The Mothership of Light I feel the life that’s in the stars Your future Mix the blood of who we are Your future We will travel very far Your future Travel very far And now All as one They’ll bring me to your sun It’s been so long since you’ve been heard the only word is love an infinite loop in continuum How they’ve come alive A thousand souls who thrive The mothership of light Round and around we go The energy of life Sublime to let it flow See places I don’t know To be with you at last Re-uniting future past Awake in her cocoon Under the first and second moon She hears the sound sees the face a miracle of time and of space and all that matters now is he’s made it to her home and standing by her side be her side! forever not alone


This item includes TWO ALBUMS, both the 12 tracks of "Acceleration Theory Part One: AlienA" album download in hi resolution 24 bit 96k NOW as well as the additional tracks of "Acceleration Theory Part Two: Annihilation" which will be made available to download by September 30th 2019! All together over 2 hours of music in hi resolution better than CD quality audio!

In Continuum on YouTube for videos and previews:

"Acceleration Theory" is the debut progressive rock concept album of "In Continuum", a new band created by Dave Kerzner (Sound of Contact), featuring Kerzner on keys and vocals with fellow SOC bandmate Matt Dorsey on bass, Randy McStine (The Fringe, SOC) on guitar, Gabriel Agudo (Steve Rothery Band) on vocals and Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson) on drums. The album also features special guests Nick D'Virgilio (Big Big Train), John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner Band), Leticia Wolf (Dead Deads), Jon Davison (Yes), Steve Rothery (Marillion) and more!

Note: The higher price is because this is the high resolution 24bit 96k edition for higher quality audio listening in downloaded form and created for specifically for pre-order. Also, you get both the single CD download in hi resolution 24bit 96k AND you'll get the second album download in hi resolution 24bit 96k when it is available in September 30th, 2019 all from the same single purchase!

Hear a preview of the entire album here:

About the concept:

"Acceleration Theory" is a sci-fi concept album about a female alien named AlienA (Wolf) who falls in love with an Earth man named Kai (Agudo). She comes to Earth to warn us that we're in danger of a pending full scale annihilation from the aliens who are responsible for mankind's evolution on Earth for millions of years.

About In Continuum:

In Continuum is a sci-fi-themed progrock band/project created by Dave Kerzner as a home for the songs he originally wrote for Sound of Contact. The debut album "Acceleration Theory" also contains songs written with Matt Dorsey, Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom. For more information and tour dates visit:


released January 1, 2019

Dave Kerzner - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Gabriel Agudo - Lead Vocals
Randy McStine - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Dorsey - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Marco Minnemann - Drums

Special guests:
Nick D'Virgilio - Drums
John Wesley - Guitar
Fernando Perdomo - Guitar
Leticia Wolf - Vocals
Jon Davison - Vocals
Steve Hackett - Guitar on "Crash Landing"
Steve Rothery - Guitar on "Be The Light"

Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Dave Kerzner
except "Be The Light" mixed by Chris Lord-Alge
"Scavengers" mixed by Tom Lord-Alge
Album artwork by Dave Kerzner


all rights reserved



Dave Kerzner & Sonic Elements Miami, Florida

Dave Kerzner, of the band "Sound of Contact", has a variety of Progressive Rock projects including his work as a solo artist. Dave's “Sonic Elements” project uses sounds from his company Sonic Reality and features iconic guests like Steve Hackett (Genesis), Keith Emerson (ELP), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Francis Dunnery (It Bites), with SR drums from Neil Peart, Nick Mason... ... more

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