Yesterday and Today - A 50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes

by Sonic Elements (Various Artists)



This is tribute album and a celebration of Yes's 50th Anniversary. Multiple generations of progressive and modern rock artists join together with current and former members of the band Yes to recreate classic songs of different eras of the band going all the way back to their very first album entitled "Yes".

You can listen to clips from each of the 13 tracks here:


released November 9, 2018

Sonic Elements Presents
Yesterday and Today – A Tribute to Yes

Machine Messiah (Featuring Nick D’Virgilio & Geoff Downes)
Nick D’Virgilio – Vocals
Randy McStine – Backing Vocals
Geoff Downes – Keyboards
Dave Kerzner – Additional Keyboards
Johnny Bruhns – Guitar
Fernando Perdomo – Bass, Additional Guitar
Joe Cass – Drums

Yours Is No Disgrace (Featuring Marisol Koss & Tony Kaye)
Marisol Koss - Lead Vocals
Dennis Atlas – Backing Vocals
Tony Kaye - Keyboards
Dave Kerzner - Keyboards
Johnny Bruhns – Guitar
Fernando Perdomo - Acoustic Guitar
Billy Sherwood – Bass
Jay Schellen - Drums

Sweetness (Featuring Pat Sansone)
Pat Sansone - Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Fernando Perdomo - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Derek Cintron - Drums

Soon (Featuring Curved Air)
Sonja Kristina - Vocals
Robert Norton – Keyboards
Andy Sax - Violins
Kit Morgan - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Chris Harris - Bass
Andy Tween - Drums
with Dave Kerzner – Additional Keyboards and Effects
with Fernando Perdomo - Additional Keyboards & Guitars

Cinema (Featuring Steve Hackett)
Steve Hackett – Guitar
Randy McStine – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Kerzner – Keyboards
Billy Sherwood – Bass, Guitar
Marco Minnemann – Drums

Changes (Featuring Robert Berry)
Robert Berry – Vocals
Billy Sherwood – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jay Gore – Guitar
Fernando Perdomo - Guitar
Hal Rosenfeld – Marimba
Dave Kerzner – Keyboards, Vocals

I'm Running (Featuring Robin Schell & Marco Minnemann)
Robin Schell – Vocals
Billy Sherwood – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Dave Kerzner – Keyboards
Marco Minnemann – Drums

Acoustic Medley (Featuring Jon Davison and Sally Minnear)
Turn of the Century
Your Move
And You and I
Wonderous Stories

Jon Davison – Vocals
Sally Minnear – Vocals, Big Drum, Recorders, Percussion
Dave Bainbridge – Guitar, Bazouki
Johnny Bruhns – Portuguese Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Fernando Perdomo – Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Acoustic Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Kerzner – Harmonium, Claviola, Backing Vocals
Robin Schell – Backing Vocals

Yesterday and Today (Featuring Dr. Danny)
Dr. Danny (Danny Ayala) - Vocals, Piano
Fernando Perdomo - Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Drums, Percussion

Long Distance Runaround (Featuring Leslie Hunt)
Leslie Hunt - Vocals
John Demarkis - Backing Vocals
Walter Ino- Backing Vocals
Fernando Perdomo - Guitar
Dave Kerzner – RMI Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano
Roger Houdaille - Bass
Jonathan Schang - Drums

The Fish (Featuring Billy Sherwood)
Billy Sherwood – Basses, Vocals
John Demarkis – Additional Backing Vocals
Fernando Perdomo - Guitar,
Derek Cintron- Drums
Ken Sharp - Bv's and Bell Tree
Hal Rosenfeld - Marimba
Mark Murdock - Percussion

Starship Trooper (Featuring Francis Dunnery)
Francis Dunnery – Vocals, Guitar
Robin Schell – Backing Vocals
Fernando Perdomo – Guitar, Bass
Roger Houdaille – Electric 12 String
Dave Kerzner – Organ
Derek Cintron – Drums

Mixed & Produced by Dave Kerzner and Fernando Perdomo
Mastered by Dave Kerzner
Executive Producer: Dave Kerzner for RecPlay, INc
Recorded and Engineered by Dave Kerzner & Fernando Perdomo at SR Studios, Miami, Florida and Reseda Ranch Studios, Reseda, California (with individual overdubs recorded around the world in various contributing artists’ respective studios).
Machine Messiah drums recorded by Simeon Spiegel
Steve Hackett guitars recorded by Ben Fenner
Jonathan Schang & Leslie Hunt recorded by Anthony Gravino
Sally Minnear recorded by Dave Bainbridge

Front Cover Artwork: John Sellards
Graphic Design and Layout: Erik Nielsen

Special Thanks to Billy Sherwood, Geoff Downes, Jon Davison, Tony Kaye, Daniel Earnshaw and Martin Darvill of QEDG and RHRC, Erik Nielsen, Hal Feldman, Martine Dorey, Jonathan Schang, Leslie Hunt, Chris Harden, Anthony Gravino, Francis Dunnery, Ben Fenner, Steve Hackett, Randy McStine, Nick D’Virgilio, Joe Cass, Simeon Spiegel, Robin Schell, Derek Cintron, Roger Houdaille, Karolina Lewowska, Cyndi Trissel, Joel Barrios, Marisol Koss, Dennis Atlas, John Demarkis, Walter Ino, Jay Gore, Johnny Bruhns, Scott Connor, Jay Schellen, Anto Drennan, Adam Gaynor, Ken Sharp, Mark Murdock, George Mizer, Peter Branks, Larry Morand & Everyone at Cruise To The Edge, Hal Rosenfeld, Dr. Danny (Danny Ayala) & The Lemon Twigs, Pat Sansone & Wilco, Sally Minnear, Kerry Minnear & Gentle Giant, Dave Bainbridge, Robert Berry, Marco Minnemann, Curved Air - Sonja Kristina, Robert Norton, Andy Sax, Chris Harris, Kit Morgan, Andy Tween, Gary Kerzner, IK Multimedia, Allen Mackenroth, Sonic Reality, Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Patrick Moraz, Alan White, Bill Bruford, Trevor Horn and everyone from the band YES past and present as well as all of the fans of Yes and progressive rock!

This album is dedicated to Chris Squire and Peter Banks. Special recognition to Peter Banks for coming up with the original Yes logo upon which this album's artwork was inspired.

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